What is the proper way to clean an office?

Use a damp microfiber cloth to clean all surfaces. Sitting at our desks, we touched each other a lot, a lot.

What is the proper way to clean an office?

Use a damp microfiber cloth to clean all surfaces. Sitting at our desks, we touched each other a lot, a lot. Whether you're cleaning your home office or tidying up your desk at work, Molly Maid wants to help you keep your office tidy, clean and sanitized. Learn how to organize an office and clean it with the help of our cleaning experts.

Offices become a haven for germs and bacteria. Regularly cleaning and disinfecting your desk will help you avoid illness and overcome distractions. Use the tips below to clean the dirtiest places in your office. Give those tired eyes a smudge-free screen to work on and provide your monitor with dust-free ventilation slots to help keep you cool.

If you work on a laptop, turn it off and clean the keyboard and screen at the same time. The virus that causes COVID-19 can fall on surfaces. People can get infected if they touch those surfaces and then touch their nose, mouth, or eyes. In most situations, the risk of infection from touching a surface is low.

The most reliable way to prevent surface infection is to wash your hands regularly with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces can also reduce the risk of infection. If you'd rather spend time working in your clean office than cleaning the rest of your house, Molly Maid can help. If your office chair can be cleaned with water-based cleaning products, first vacuum the seat to remove dirt and loose debris before mixing a mild dish soap solution and warm water.

Cleaning a computer screen requires a little more care and attention than other desktop items, so here are some tips for cleaning your monitor and avoiding damaging delicate components. For routine cleaning (when there has not been a known or suspected case of COVID-19), you should wear suitable gloves and any other recommended protective equipment when using your cleaning product. If more than 3 days have passed since the person sick or diagnosed with COVID-19 was in the space, no additional cleaning is needed (beyond normal cleaning practices). Surfaces that are visibly dirty or have a spill should be cleaned as soon as they are identified, regardless of when they were last cleaned.

If the space is a high-traffic area, or if certain conditions apply (listed above), you can choose to clean more often or disinfect in addition to cleaning. Harsh chemical-based cleaning products, such as Windex, are not suitable for use on monitors, as they can remove the anti-reflective coating from the screen, so always refer to the instructions for using the cleaning product before starting. To help you recover your workstation, let's take a look at the best way to clean your office desk during COVID-19, as well as tips on how to clean and disinfect some common desk accessories.

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