What are the 5 types of cleaning agents?

Learn about the four most common types of cleaning products and when to use them, Detergents. Detergents are the most common type of cleaning agent and are used in domestic and commercial kitchens.

What are the 5 types of cleaning agents?

Learn about the four most common types of cleaning products and when to use them, Detergents. Detergents are the most common type of cleaning agent and are used in domestic and commercial kitchens. They are of two basic types: alcohol-based, water-based. Alcohol-based brighteners contain a mixture of mainly natural waxes, dispersed in an alcohol solvent.

They can be in paste or liquid form and contain silicon, but too high a silicon content makes the floor slippery. The polish build-up can be removed by losing the wax finish with alcohol and a slight abrasion, and then picking up the loose wax with a damp cloth mop. It is suitable for floors that are damaged by water, such as wood, cork, linoleum and magnesite. Water-based brighteners are emulsions in which fine particles of natural and synthetic waxes are dispersed in water.

They are suitable for use on thermoplastic, rubber, PVC, asphalt and combination floors, as alcohols can affect them. They can also be used on sealed floors made of wood, cork, magnesite and linoleum. Water-based polishes are always liquid, but can be fully polishable, semi-polishable or dry glossy. Accumulated polish can be removed by loosening the wax synthetic resin with hot water and alkali, without detergent.

Without a doubt, water is the best and most widely used cleaning agent. Can be used on almost any surface for cleaning purposes. Usually, water cleans dirt and its particles to make things look clean. In addition, it can also dissolve minerals and fats.

Water is also a component of other cleaning products. So it is the best and most used. These agents are used to clean tiles and areas where water leaves marks, usually in the bathroom and outdoors. These cleaning products are quite similar to alkaline cleaning agents, which means that they dissolve oil, dirt and oil by-products.

In the construction industry, kitchen surfaces and floor grease can be significantly cleaned with degreasers. Well, you can include water as the important neutral cleaner, but other products also qualify as neutral cleaners. Any product that has a PH of 6 to 8 can be classified as follows. You can find them in department stores or you can ask your cleaning company to use them.

This is the most common type of cleaning agent, which you must have seen several times, used in the kitchen in different forms. They come in liquid, powder, gel or even crystal form to be used in different things. They are good at removing dirt and dirt by washing it with their petroleum products inside. Detergents come in all their forms because they are used in many different places, such as a liquid detergent to remove stains, a powder to remove dry stains and many other things.

As the name suggests, degreasers are used to remove stubborn greasy stains found mainly on countertops, ovens, microwaves and grill splashes. They are full of methyl alcohol, also known as turpentine, which cuts through fat. There are different types of innovations introduced in solvent cleaners including non-toxic and non-smoking chemical pollution to keep the environment free of chemicals by continuing to do their own work. This is not a very common kitchen cleaning product, probably because they tend to leave scratches on plastics and stainless steel.

They are usually used to remove dirt from hard kitchen surfaces, which are mainly found on floors. In some commercial kitchens, abrasives are also used in pots and pans, but they must be handled with great care due to their staining nature. We explain the science behind some of the most popular cleaning methods and tools, so you can clean smarter, not harder. For special types of precious metals, especially those used for luxury watches and high-end jewelry, special cleaning agents are usually used to clean them and protect them from the elements.

There are different cleaning products that are used in different ways to clean different surfaces by working their magic. To keep the house clean and away from diseases and insects, such agents are needed that ensure that things are deeply clean. A cleaning agent is any product that facilitates the cleaning process by becoming a solvent throughout the process. Now that you have all this information about cleaning products, you will be able to choose the one that best suits your individual needs and cleaning preferences.

Some examples of these cleaners include the Weiman jewelry cleaner, the HOROCD watch cleaning solution &, even Holland Hallmark's metal plate cleaning solution. . .

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